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Are Tribunal fees back?

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While nothing has been confirmed, The Ministry of Justice is considering whether to reintroduce fees for employment tribunal claims. 

Tribunal fees, initially introduced in July 2013, were heavily criticised by the Supreme Court in 2017, leading to their abolition.  

In ACAS’s annual report for 2017/2018 which was published earlier this year, it noted that it has seen a 39% increase in the number of cases that have progressed to tribunal since fees were scrapped. Early conciliation notifications were also up from an average of 1,700 a week to 2,200.

However, this week it has been announced that the government are confident that they can develop a scheme which both helps to fund the court system, while also being “proportionate and progressive”.

If these comments are to be believed, it would seem that it’s not a case of if fees will be reintroduced, but rather when.

We will be monitoring this closely and will keep you updated.