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"Brexodus" - EU net migration falls and British tech start-ups begin to establish offices outside the UK

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The ONS published statistics last week confirming that “Brexodus” is happening:  Net migration from the EU (the difference between the number of people arriving and leaving) has dropped below 100,000, the lowest level for five years. The government is said to welcome this news which is a step towards its pledge to reduce net migration from all countries to tens of thousands.

Also concerning are reports that British tech start-ups are setting up offices in mainland Europe following increased challenges companies are facing in hiring talented staff and concerns about the impact of the UK’s immigration policy. This is despite government efforts to reassure the multi billion pound industry that Britain is open for business and making moves to improve visas for tech companies. A survey from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation has shown that one fifth of tech jobs in London are filled by workers from the EU