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Gender Pay Gap reporting: are you ready?

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New rules requiring employers with 250 or more employees to produce an annual report on their Gender Pay Gap are due to come into force in April this year.  Our recent webinar took our clients through the requirements of the regime and what practical steps employers can be taking now in order to get ready for this new requirement.

If you missed the webinar and would like to receive a recording of it, do let me know.

And the survey says……

During the webinar, we asked our listeners three questions and we thought you might like to know the responses:

How prepared is your organisation for Gender Pay Gap reporting?

  • 68% said they were starting to think about it. 
  • 18% said they have been busy on other things.
  • 11% said they’ve done a dry run already.
  • 3% said they had voluntarily reported on the Gender Pay Gap for a while.

So if you’re only just starting to think about the reporting requirements, you are not alone, with 86% of people responding not having done any significant preparation yet.  

Who owns the Gender Pay Gap reporting obligation in your business?

  • 73% said HR.
  • 12% said Payroll.
  • 11% said Other.
  • 1% said Reward.

Given that HR will hold or have access to a lot of the data that will be needed for the reporting, it’s not surprising to see that 73% said HR owns the Gender Pay Gap reporting process in their organisation.

Will this reporting obligation make a difference to your business?

  • 39% said maybe, it might make us think more about gender/diversity.
  • 31% said yes, we’re already trying to reduce our Gender Pay Gap.
  • 17% said no, because our Gender Pay Gap is small/non-existent.
  • 13% said no, this is an issue we cannot fix by ourselves.

It’s really encouraging to hear that 70% thought that the new requirements might make a difference to the Gender Pay Gap, perhaps the Regulations, imperfect as they are, may make a difference.

In other news……

The Government has just published the draft guidance to the Gender Pay Gap Regulations, you can find this here.

The Fawcett Society has launched a review of sex discrimination laws in response to a concern that rights may be eroded or weakened as a result of Brexit.  Read more about this here where they also call for submissions of evidence on this.