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Women and Equalities Committee workplace sexual harassment inquiry

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Today, the Women and Equalities Committee, which was appointed in 2014 to to examine the Government's performance on equalities issues, has launched a full inquiry on sexual harassment in the workplace.

The inquiry’s purpose is to consider issues relating to unwanted sexual behaviour in the workplace and the Committee is inviting submissions of written evidence on: 

  • how widespread sexual harassment in the workplace is, and whether this has increased or decreased over time;

  • who experiences sexual harassment in the workplace, who perpetrates it and what the impact is on different groups;

  • actions that the Government and employers should be taking to change workplace culture to prevent sexual harassment, give people more confidence to report sexual harassment, and make this issue a higher priority for employers;

  • how workers can be better protected from sexual harassment by clients, customers and other third parties;

  • the effectiveness and accessibility of tribunals and other legal means of redress and what can be done to improve those processes; and

  • the advantages and disadvantages of using non-disclosure agreements in sexual harassment cases, including how inappropriate use of such agreements might be tackled.

Given the increase in reports of women’s experiences of sexual harassment at work, both recently and over the course of the last year (e.g. Uber faces sexism claims), it is clear that the Government and employers need to identify solutions in order to change workplace culture.

The inquiry will sit alongside the Committee’s related inquiry on the sexual harassment of women and girls in public places and the deadline for submissions is Tuesday 13 March 2018.

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