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Would you delete all of your holiday e-mails?

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“Thank you for your email. I am out of the office through [date]. For anything urgent re Thrive Global please email [name and email]. Otherwise, please email me again when I return as this email will be deleted.”
This is an out of office for a Thrive Global employee who is on holiday. Thrive Global is a wellness company founded by Arianna Huffington, who introduced a new vacation policy known as “Thrive Away”.  The rationale behind “Thrive Away” is to take some pressure off employees to respond to, or check, e-mails while they are on holiday. To do so, all e-mails received whilst on holiday are automatically deleted and the sender is told that this will happen. If the e-mail is important, the sender can send it again when the Thrive employee returns from holiday. 
Arianna hopes that the policy will free her employees from the anxiety of having a huge pile of e-mails waiting for them when they go back to work and deter them from checking their e-mails and mitigating the benefits of taking time off.